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How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

By Luke Armstrong

Your home’s HVAC system can make a real difference in creating a comfortable environment for you and your family to live in. During the cold winter months, your HVAC system provides you with necessary heat and warmth. During the summer months, your HVAC system provides you with relieving cool air to combat the heat and humidity of the season.

However, your HVAC system may not be as helpful or effective if your home’s air ducts are not clean. Dirty air ducts can also ruin the indoor air quality in your household. That said, if you find your home is not heating or cooling properly, then the air ducts may need to be cleaned.

Having your air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned carries a host of benefits

When do air ducts need to be cleaned?

It is not always easy to tell when HVAC cleaning needs to be done, though. The following information can help you determine if it is time for your home’s air ducts to be cleaned.

The air filter for your HVAC system has not been changed recently.

When your HVAC system is being used, the air filter will sort out any dust, dirt, and other debris from the air that circulates through the system. However, there will come a point when the air filter is full and must be replaced. Air filters full of dust will no longer be able to filter out the dust from the air.

Furthermore, if you do not change the filter, all the debris the filter should be picking up will then re-circulate through the HVAC system and redistribute throughout your home. This will harm the indoor air quality.

Dust has accumulated on the vent covers and registers.

When air ducts are dirty and in need of cleaning, dust often accumulates on vent covers and registers. This is because the dust from the air ducts is being blown out onto the vent covers and registers. Some of the dust will cling to these surfaces instead of being circulated out into your residence. This can also allow excess dust to continually be in your home, even when regular cleaning has been done.

The airflow in your home is inconsistent.

When your heating or cooling is being used, it should be distributing the same airflow throughout different areas of your home. But sometimes, the airflow feels different in different rooms, even though the vents are open all the way.

For example, you may realize that your bathroom gets more cool air than your bedroom does. This can be a sign that the air ducts are dirty, causing different levels of airflow to be distributed throughout your home.

Mold growth can be dangerous, especially when it is located in your HVAC system’s ductwork

Mold has grown in your HVAC system.

HVAC systems can produce condensation when used to cool or heat your home. Because of this, mold can grow in your home’s HVAC system. This becomes even more likely when your HVAC system has accumulated dust and other debris, such as dead skin and hair.

The fungus can feed on the dust that has accumulated in the ducts, and then distribute its spores via the system. So not only will dust be spread throughout your home, but you and your family will then be exposed to mold, which can result in damage to your home and negative health reactions.

Your home’s heating and cooling costs have increased.

When your air ducts have collected an abundance of dust, dirt, and other debris, your HVAC system cannot function as efficiently as it should. The air cannot make its way through the HVAC system as well as it could before because there is dust buildup in the way. The dust then forces your home’s HVAC system to work even harder to cool or warm your residence.

Because of this increased effort, it becomes costlier to use the HVAC system. So when you take a look at your heating/cooling bills, you will see a higher price.

How Can I Clean My Home’s Air Ducts?

Seek help from a professional air duct cleaning service.

When your home needs to be cleaned, there are many things that you can handle on your own. Air duct cleaning, however, is not one of them.

HVAC cleaning needs to be conducted by professional technicians who have the necessary knowledge and equipment for the job.  They will loosen and thoroughly eliminate dust and other debris from the air ducts and HVAC system by using powered brushes and commercial vacuum systems. Standard household vacuum cleaners do not have the power to conduct effective HVAC cleaning.

Knowing this, if you notice any of the aforementioned signs, take the time to seek help from a professional air duct cleaning service. This help will ensure your home’s air ducts will be cleaned properly, improving the indoor air quality for you and your family.