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By Luke Armstrong

What word comes to mind when you think about the building that houses your office? Could it be “professional”, “elite” or “valuable”? While each of these words is impactful, you should be able to add another word to this group – “clean”. A beautiful office can lose its luster if it is not kept sanitary and dust-free. When it comes to locating a cleaning service to keep your building in tip-top shape, whom can you trust to deliver the best service for a reasonable cost?

Here’s another scenario: a flood affects the city where your business is located. Or, your building loses power over the weekend and your freezer leaks water in your cafeteria and personal office. Or, a fire destroys one wing of your new building. Who can help restore your building to its original condition and decrease the level of devastation in your business? is a directory website that lists businesses providing a complete range of janitorial and commercial cleaning services for offices, light industrial buildings and warehouse facilities. Regularly scheduled janitorial services not only keep your facility looking spotless, they provide a healthier environment.

Cleaning company reviews

Here are three great features of the website:

•    It’s a large ratings and reviews database for cleaning and restoration companies. If you are unsure of who to trust the cleanliness of your buildings in California, Texas, Illinois and New York, you can find the answers all in one convenient location.

•    You can create your own profile if you are a cleaning and restoration company. Don’t see your company reviewed? Create a listing and direct your happy customers to the site!

•    There is a very detailed rating system used on Instead of simply rating the company on a general scale of 1 to 5, this site digs into the specific services that customers utilized, such as “carpet/upholstery cleaning services”, “janitorial services” and “tile grout cleaning services”. In addition, the level of honesty, professionalism, promptness, communication and the appearance of the crew determine the rating.

Visit to find the best cleaning and restoration experts in your area. features ServiceMaster experts for everything from carpet cleaning to emergency restoration services across the nation. These highly trained technicians are ready to handle emergencies around-the-clock, or schedule appointment times at your convenience.