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Back to School Safety Tips

By Luke Armstrong

With the start of a new school year, teaching children how to be safer needs to be at the top of the list of things to do for parents and school administrators. While the little ones head back to class, make sure you keep your children up to date on school safety. Keep these tips at hand for the entire school year.

School safetySchool Travel

– If your children walk to school this is the opportunity to talk to them about strangers.
– If they are young enough, make sure you map out a safe way to walk home or find local children to walk in groups.
– If your child does not have a cell phone yet, make sure they either memorize or write down emergency and family phone numbers.

Bus Safety

–  Let’s face it; many bus drivers don’t enforce seat belts. Teach your children to keep seated on the bus at all times. You can keep your children informed on how to behave on a bus.


– Younger students generally have the assistance from a crossing guard. Yet most middle and high schools do not have this precaution. Teach your children and teenagers to follow proper street signals and to never J-walk.

School Zones

– Children may or may not need to cross streets during school hours, but for those who do, these speed limits are enforced and should be followed for the children’s safety. Print out his article or turn to the National Crime Prevention Council for great reminders on school safety.

Cell Phone Safety

– Cell phones should never be used in school zones. This is a violation of the law and is commonly enforced in these zones. Parents need to be just as cautious with or without your children in the car.

Classroom Safety

– Make sure to keep updated on your child’s school day. Get to know your children’s friends and their teachers.
– Bullying is a prominent problem in schools today. Make sure you keep active in your child’s school and encourage them to talk to you or school personnel if trouble arises.

Whether you are taking your child to school or driving through school zones, our safety tips and information will help you keep children safe. Make sure to communicate constantly with your children so they know how to handle certain situations at school. Teaching school safety will keep peace of mind while keeping your children safe.