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All About Weekly Cleaning Chores

By Luke Armstrong

Do you manage to clean as you go, or do you wait until the weekend to do just about anything at home? Life is so hectic and stressful nowadays that unfortunately most people don’t have time to clean during the work week and want to just lie down and relax. This leads to dirty and cluttered homes which are not exactly welcoming. Our homes and lifestyles get dirtier and unhealthier this way. The weekend seems like an endless series of cleaning, washing up, cooking, tidying up and all sorts of house chores. Cleaning is an important chore that most of us need the right mindset and even motivation for. Once you realize that it doesn’t have to take that long and you don’t need to clean for hours at the weekend, you will see how much easier it gets. Let’s face it – a clean home is a cozy one. It’s a place that you feel good in and somewhere you can invite your friends to at any time. So what are the so called weekly cleaning chores and why are they such a challenge these days? Here are the basic ones that you need some time for.

Home CleaningVacuuming

If you manage to find motivation and vacuum a few times a week then at the weekend it will be clean enough so you won’t need to do it. This will save you time and energy. One of the ways to manage with vacuuming is by creating a schedule. If your children are home during the week more than you are, ask them to take turns and vacuum the flat or house. This will keep the dust and dirt away from the floors and the entire area. At the weekend you can use the dust attachment on the vacuum cleaner to go over all the upholstery because it gets dirty and dusty just like any other area at home.


Dusting should be done more often than once a week, but most of us don’t find time for it on a daily basis. The constant dust at home leads to breathing problems, allergies and other health problems, so it’s essential to clean it regularly. However, if you only take a look around in your home you will notice all the areas that are covered in dust. Don’t forget to dry dust first and then use a damp cloth to gather the excessive particles on the furniture and appliances. Pay attention to the TV, its stand, the computer screen, the windowsills, the corners of the rooms and the walls, the cabinets, the plants and the books. There is dust everywhere whether you can see it or not.

Cleaning and spot treating

Clean and GoneTwo tasks that will take a little more time, but are worth it. Mop the floors with water and a good detergent and then spot the stains that you will treat with a stain remover. Use natural products like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar as they give marvelous results in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Give a good wipe down on the kitchen cabinets, the countertops, the sink and the area where the plates are drying.

Don’t forget to do some clutter control and tidying up, especially if you haven’t done anything during the week. Make sure you are not the only one cleaning at the weekend and involve the members of your family. Living in a clean home is a great thing so turn cleaning into a habit for everyone not just yourself.