Why smoke damage can be harmful to your home and family

After the flames are put out and the fire trucks leave, you may simply be relieved that the worst of the crisis is over. Unfortunately, even if the fire was small and contained to a single area of your home, smoke damage could still cause harm to your home and family. As soon as the fire is put out, call a professional smoke damage restoration team to mitigate these problems.

Smoke Damaged House

Smoke Damage to Your Home

Smoke and ash carry acidic particles that can discolor fabrics, wood, and other organic materials. It can also corrode metal surfaces. If left untreated, smoke can seep into the woodwork of your home, causing structural damage.

Health Dangers of Smoke Damage

In a house fire, smoke is not produced simply by burning wood. Plastics, synthetic fabrics and other materials also burn, releasing toxic chemicals into the smoke. After the fire, lingering smoke damage traps these toxins in the wood, carpet, upholstery, and other furnishings in your home. They can cause allergic reactions, asthma-like symptoms, and other respiratory problems.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Timing is key in any smoke damage cleanup project. Smoke begins to cause irreparable damage within as little as a few hours. However, you must balance the need to have a team on-site quickly against the need to find a qualified, reputable smoke damage restoration company. Ask for smoke damage cleanup credentials, such as industry certifications from the Restoration Industry Association or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Smoke Damage Cleanup Cost

Smoke damage cleanup costs will vary, depending on the severity of the fire, the size of your home, and the length of time the smoke has been in your home. A typical smoke damage cleanup project often costs between $6,000 and $10,000, and may be covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Call your insurance agent immediately after a fire to find out what restoration services are covered. If they have a preferred smoke damage restoration company, your agent will let you know that as well.

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