Repairing Water Damaged Homes

Disaster strikes!  Mother Nature is once again determined to make her mark — this time on your home!  What do you do when it’s time to return after she has chased you out of your home with a flood?  Your kitchen sink plots against you, running stealthily all night long, leaving you to the nasty surprise of a flooded kitchen!  How much will it cost to repair the damage?  What do you do to start picking up the soggy pieces?

Flooded houseThe costs for remedying such a devastating occurrence is increasingly steep, generally running around $5,000.  This cost tends to fluctuate depending on location, the size of the damage, and the items involved.  In a home owner’s article, insurance adjuster Jim Swegle of Safeco Insurance stated that “Water is the most common cause of home damage today — even more likely than fire; and of all the appliances found in the home, the water heater and washing machine are the most likely to cause serious damage. Some water damage is covered under homeowners insurance, but some damage is not.”

To find out how much a flood could cost you use the Cost of Flooding tool simulator.

Here’s a handy little tool from homewyse.com — your very own cost calculator!  Just input the square footage of the damage and your zip code, and it will give you an estimate of the cost of repairs for your area!  According to HomeWyse, the average cost for 2011 on a national scale for water damage repair ranged from $12.92 to $17.19 per square foot.

HomeWyse also goes on to explain what’s included in the cost estimate, and what’s not:

What IS Included in the Water Damage Repair

The cost estimate does include:
•    Cost to remedy minor imperfections and surface damage – for a surface that is ready to be finished.
•    Cost to layout, assemble, and permanently secure the finished interior surface.
•    Costs for hauling and disposal of all debris generated from this project.
•    Costs for transportation to and from the job site, costs for tools and equipment, costs necessary to protect existing finishes, materials and components.

What Is NOT Included in the Water Damage Repair

The cost estimate does not include:
•    Cost to add or modify existing plumbing, electrical or HVAC systems.
•    The cost to restore and finish any surfaces removed or cut away during the Water Damage Repair.
•    General contractor fees for directing and managing the Water Damage Repair. Add 12.3% to 18.4% to the total cost if a general contractor will supervise this project.

Has Mother Nature taken out her fury on your home?  Did a leaky faucet or a vengeful washing machine wreak havoc on your household?  Restoration Master Finder is a fantastic resource for water damage and restoration services in your area.  RestorationMasterFinder.com features ServiceMaster experts for water damage restoration services across the nation.  These highly trained technicians are ready to handle emergencies around-the-clock, or schedule appointment times at your convenience!


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