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The Importance of Professional Upholstery Cleaning for your Office

By Luke Armstrong

An office has become a synonym for efficiency, dynamism, and professionalism. It serves as both the representative image of a company and the actual epicenter of all the business activities that take place within it. Therefore, the office environment needs to be highly comfortable and motivating, as well as very stylish and appealing to the eye.

The working environment in your office should be both stylish and practical.
It is the ambient environment in your office that sets the right atmosphere for efficient and successful work.

Including couches, banquettes, armchairs, and other upholstered pieces in your business area will go a long way towards creating the stimulating and inviting atmosphere that you need in the office. Upholstered furniture is very comfortable and imparts great charm and elegance to the interior décor. However, when used in commercial settings, it is subject to heavy use and extensive wear. As a result, the furniture pieces in your office rapidly become dirty and worn out. This degrades the professional appearance of your establishment and poses a health hazard to your employees and your customers.

To prevent such undesirable circumstances, you need to have the upholstery in your office regularly and efficiently cleaned. Hiring professional upholstery cleaning services is your most convenient and advantageous option for keeping the soft furniture in your business area in excellent condition all the time.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most essential benefits of professional upholstery cleaning:

Extended Life of Your Office Furniture

A lot of dirt and grime is carried in from the outdoors on people’s shoes and clothing and gets wiped on office chairs and waiting room sofas. Food pieces, hairs, and other debris often end up on banquettes and boardroom chairs. All these dirt particles create friction that can break down the upholstery fibers over time. Regular cleaning greatly reduces the build-up of dust and debris, thus protecting the fibers and prolonging the life of your office furniture.

Aside from removing dust and dirt, professional upholstery cleaning also helps prevent stains and spots from becoming permanent and marring the overall look of your furniture pieces. The professionals use special cleaning techniques and industrial strength chemicals to break down and remove even the most persistent stains, leaving your upholstered furniture fresh and clean.

Professional upholstery cleaning can help you keep your office environment healthy and motivating.
A neat and clean office helps people stay healthier, happier, and more productive.

Last but not least, commercial upholstery cleaning can help refresh and revitalize your office furniture. Old and worn out pieces can be successfully restored and brought back to life for a much smaller cost than buying new ones. Hiring professional cleaning services will help you protect your valuable investment and keep your upholstered furniture in excellent condition for many long years.

Healthier Working Environment

Furniture upholstery is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Dust, pet dander, pollen and many other allergens can also get trapped in the fabric and pose a variety of health hazards to your employees and clients.

The upholstered furniture in your office harbors a large amount of harmful bacteria and viruses that can live there for long periods of time and spread from one person to the next, causing various health issues (such as skin infections and respiratory problems). Allergens such as dust mites and other microscopic particles can result in severe allergy symptoms, including asthma, skin irritation, nasal congestion, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc. Besides, dirty upholstery also contributes to poor air quality which can cause headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, and other health issues.

Professional upholstery cleaning can reduce the presence of allergens and bacteria in your office to a minimum, allowing employees to work in a sanitary environment and stay healthier, happier, and more productive.

Good to remember: Many cleaning products can be toxic or otherwise dangerous to the health. Therefore, you should be very careful with the kind of cleaning agents and cleaning methods used to disinfect and refresh the upholstery in your office. All reputable commercial cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and harmless cleaning techniques to restore the good condition of your upholstered furniture and take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the people in your office.

Good First Impression of Your Business

Neat and clean upholstery makes a good impression to your customers and employees. Quite often, it is the first impression your clients and potential partners get of you and your business that determines their decision on whether to trust you and work with you or not (a clean and elegant environment is always associated with prosperity and high class, while dirty and messy surroundings create an impression of neglect and decline).

Using upjolstery cleaning services for your office can help you boost your business success.
An inviting office environment can go a long way towards ensuring your business success.

The first thing your clients see when they visit your company and wait for you is the upholstery in the lounge area. As you can imagine, stained sofas and soiled chairs won’t make a positive first impression. Fresh and spotless upholstery, on the other hand, will impart an air of professionalism, trustworthiness, and prosperity.

Hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company will ensure the great look and feel of your upholstered furniture at all times, so that your visitors get truly impressed with the superb working environment in your office and will be willing to engage in progressive business relationships.

Motivating Working Environment

A safe, clean, and comfortable work environment is a powerful performance-enhancing factor. The good working conditions increase the satisfaction and productivity of the employees who are much more likely to show initiative and creativity in such agreeable and motivating surroundings. Besides, the neat and fresh atmosphere helps them maintain their focus and work better, faster, and more efficiently.

Therefore, hiring professional upholstery cleaners for your office will not only allow you to extend the life of your furniture and keep your workplace nice and healthy, but will also help you boost your business success and profits.

Convenience and Flexibility

Typically, cleaning upholstery is a laborious and time-consuming task. Professional upholstery cleaning offers a convenient and highly efficient solution:

  • Commercial upholstery cleaning companies will assign a number of cleaners to complete the job in a minimal amount of time;
  • The workers will be properly trained to choose the right cleaning materials and the most appropriate cleaning techniques for your upholstered pieces in order to achieve quick and effective results.

What’s more, when hiring professional upholstery cleaners to take care of the upholstered furniture in your office, you will be able to schedule the cleaning services for a convenient time – early in the mornings or late in the evenings, so that your employees, customers, and partners are not disturbed during business hours.

The experienced professionals will do their best to accommodate your preferences and create a customized cleaning program for your needs, depending on the specific types of fabrics in your office, the amount of use your furniture takes, and so on. This way, you will be able to extend the serviceability of your furniture pieces and keep them fresh and good-looking all the time.

Impressive Final Results

There are various benefits of using professional upholstery cleaning companies to take care of the upholstered furniture in your office.
Professional upholstery cleaning offers the most beneficial, time-and cost-effective solution for your keeping the upholstered furniture in your office in excellent condition at all times.

Professional upholstery cleaning companies are familiar with the best practices and newest advancements in the cleaning industry. They use high powered upholstery cleaning machines and specialized equipment to achieve quality results in a speedy and efficient manner.

Commercial upholstery cleaners have rich experience in fabric cleaning, spot treatment, and stain removal. They are professionally trained to eliminate the dirt, grime, germs and dust from all types of furniture upholstery, including leather and other delicate materials. Besides, they are aware of the specifics of different types of fabrics, so they know what upholstery cleaning products and techniques will be safe for your upholstered furniture (unsuitable cleaning solutions may cause blemishes, fading and tear to certain materials).

The professional upholstery cleaning process begins with vacuuming and spot removal of any visible stains. These initial steps are followed by steam cleaning or hot water extraction to deep clean and refresh the upholstery (a dry-cleaning technique is used for fabrics that are too delicate or not color-fast). Finally, the entire furniture piece is thoroughly rinsed and dried and the framework is polished. Fabric protectant or preservative may be applied to ensure long-lasting results and optimal protection.

Aside from removing dirt and stains and restoring the original beauty of your upholstery, professional cleaning can also help eliminate bad smells and unwanted odors trapped in the porous surface of your upholstered furniture (cigarette smoke, pet odors and other unpleasant aromas).

It is generally recommended to have the upholstery in your office professionally cleaned at least once a year. This not only reduces the spread of germs and improves the overall appeal of your business area, but also protects your capital investment. Professional upholstery cleaning can dramatically increase the life of your furniture, saving you the money for frequent replacement and repair. It offers a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for every modern day office and business establishment.