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Carpet Cleaning In Detail

By Luke Armstrong

Carpet cleaning can be an expensive task, but one which most people who live in a home or flat have thought about at one time or another. Is it better to buy a carpet cleaner or to hire a professional cleaner? Here are some facts regarding carpet cleaning.

Why clean the carpet?

As with most items, if a carpet isn’t cleaned regularly, it will eventually spoil. Carpets can host a multitude of dirt and grease. Over time, these stains will look even more unattractive. Cleaning the carpet is an important component of a home clean. Most people are put off by the sheer scale of cleaning a carpet. Where it is a large home, it can take a number of hours to do. However, it is difficult to estimate how often it should be done. Some people clean their carpets every six months to one year. Others clean it every two years or more. It is probably best to clean the carpet once every year.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaner – what does it do?

A carpet or rug cleaner can help to remove dirt and stains from a carpet, giving the carpet a fresher and cleaner appearance. Carpets are costly to repair, so maintaining the carpet appearance is essential as it will help the carpet to last longer.

Dry carpet cleaners

There are different types of carpet cleaners. The one which is growing in popularity is the dry carpet cleaner. Dry carpet cleaners are known for drying out a carpet very quickly and they have a much faster drying time than a steam cleaner. Usually, a pre-treatment will need to be placed or sprayed onto the carpet before the dry carpet cleaner is used. Once the pre-treatment is applied, the carpet has to be left for at least fifteen minutes. This is to give the pre-treatment time to bond with the carpet fibers, which will help to loosen the grease and dirt which is embedded in the carpet. After that, the dry carpet cleaner can then be used to vacuum up any remaining dirt.

Purchasing a carpet cleaner

Some thought has to be taken before deciding whether to purchase a carpet cleaner or not.
There are a number of carpet cleaners that are available to purchase. Perhaps if the customer is living in a small house, it may be better to invest in a carpet cleaner, rather than hiring a professional cleaning company. Although the price of a carpet cleaner has come down sharply in the last few years, they are still quite expensive. However, a good carpet cleaner should last for a number of years. That should figure in the equation before deciding whether buying one is the right thing to do.

Renting a carpet cleaner

Some companies allow a customer to rent a carpet cleaner for a day or two. The good news is that it allows the customer to use the carpet cleaner without having the need to purchase it. The downside is that the customers will have to move all of the furniture and clean the entire carpet themselves.

Paying professional cleaners for a carpet clean

Where a person simply doesn’t have the time or the patience to do the carpet cleaning, they can always contact a professional cleaning company. There are many companies to choose from. Although professional cleaning can be expensive, the benefit is that carpet cleaning companies use special equipment allowing the carpet to be cleaned to a very high standard.