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The importance of end-of-tenancy cleaning

By Luke Armstrong

If you’ve put down a hefty deposit on your rented accommodation and you’re nearing your move out date, you’ll want to consider end-of-tenancy cleaning, in order not to have any of your deposit money held back by the landlord or estate agent! It’s important before moving out of the rented premises that you plan a thorough cleaning and leave the flat or house in good condition and in the way you found it at the start of your tenancy! Landlords can be particularly fussy when it comes to move out cleaning, so if you aren’t up to house cleaning yourself, why not hire professional cleaners to get the job done for you!

end-of-tenancy cleaning
Move Out Cleaning

If you do decide to bypass professional cleaning services and carry out the end of lease cleaning yourself or with a friend, then there are a few things to consider! Don’t just clean the floor and dust the obvious surfaces, because landlords or estate agencies will pay particular attention to those discreet areas. A move out cleaning entails washing the inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers! Also don’t forget to clean the microwave and don’t overlook oven cleaning! Kitchen cleaning is part of a regimental move out cleaning and tenants often tend not to focus too much on the finer details!

When it comes to the bathroom make sure you use a grout cleaner to get to the dirt in between the tiles and give the bathtub a good scrub! If you’ve got a shower curtain, wash it with cold water or replace with a new curtain! For glass shower doors make sure you are able to get rid of any water stains! Money will be deducted if these jobs are not done properly!

Finally make sure you clean things like floor skirting, light fixtures, lampshades and light switches. If you had pictures on the walls, you’ll need to remove any nails and fill in any holes. Also be sure to clean any dirty marks off the walls!

If all that sounds rather taxing and you have the spare cash, then I’d advise investing wisely in a cleaning service that specialises in end of tenancy cleaning! They will tackle properly each and every job as well as much more than I’ve mentioned above! Equipped with the best cleaning products and materials they’ll do an excellent job fast, while their experience with move out cleaning means they won’t leave anything behind.

If you’ve been renting fully furnished accommodation, the professional cleaners will even take care of upholstery cleaning, getting rid of any stains or markings on furniture that happened throughout your tenancy. They’ll also take care of carpet cleaning throughout the premises and use special chemicals to treat hardwood floors. You can rest assured knowing that by hiring a professional cleaning service the job will be done to the highest of standards and pending any damage, you should be fully reimbursed with your deposit!

Hopefully this guide has proven helpful and now you understand the benefits and importance of a proper end of lease cleaning. If you do the house cleaning yourself, or hire a company that’s not up to the task, then you might risk losing some of your deposit, or having the Landlord or estate agent hire another professional cleaning agency to do the job all over again! You don’t want to pay twice for the same house cleaning, so make sure you either do the job properly yourself or hire a reputable cleaning service!