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How to Fix Water Damaged Furniture

By Proceed Innovative

When a flood occurs, it can cause a significant amount of damage within minutes as you most likely have personal contents with high sentimental or monetary value. In addition, your building materials can also become warped and discolored after having contact with the water.

The first step to take when finding a flood or significant water damage on your property is to call a water damage restoration and flood cleanup professional. But if you wish to save extra costs and restore some materials yourself, you can learn here how to fix water damaged furniture. Just remember that you have to react quickly because the wooden legs can easily become ruined after being submerged in the water for too long.

Fix Damaged Furniture: The Drying Process

As you may already be aware, water will become easily absorbed into the furniture’s wooden legs if it is not removed right away. The first step to take is to move it out of the water and into a dry room with proficient air flow.

As long as weather conditions permit, you can also leave them outside in the sun to dry quickly. Whatever you choose to do, just remember that mold and bacteria will start to form if the wet materials are not dried right away.

If all else fails, you can also call a professional furniture repair company to have them fixed for you.

Fixing Damaged Furniture: Spot Treatment

Remove the mold from the wood furniture and flatten out warping
Remove the mold from the wood furniture and flatten out warping

As soon as the furniture has dried, you may noticed that there are small stains, or spots on the furniture. Fortunately, they can be removed with a simple home remedy. You can use a small amount of baking soda, toothpaste, and a wet cloth to apply to each spot on the furniture. Make sure to rub it in thoroughly to cover all of the spots. Then you can use dry cotton to polish the furniture.

By the time you are done, the furniture should look polished and almost ready to be returned to its place.

Fixing Damaged Furniture: Mold Removal

If the drying process was prolonged or the furniture was not able to dry quick enough, you may start to notice black spots forming on the wood and/or fabric. This is either mold or mildew and it should be removed right away.

You will need to remove the furniture’s finish to penetrate the mold, using vinegar to kill all spores and bacteria. Just be careful to use protection equipment during this process as the mold’s spores are dangerous. If they become inhaled or come into contact with your eyes, they can cause severe allergic reactions, breathing problems, and other health problems. Please proceed with caution.

Repair Water-Damaged Furniture: Flatten Warps

Water damaged desk that can be fixed by a professional
Water damaged desk that can be fixed by a professional

After the furniture has been completely dried out and the mold is fully removed, the last step is to flatten out the warps that were made during the drying process. Simply soak the veneer in a moisturizer and the material will begin to flatten out over time.

Once the veneer has been completely flattened out, wipe away the moisture, and use veneer glue to reattach to the rest of the furniture.

Professional Water Damage Furniture Repairs

While reading a blog about restoring water-damaged furniture can make the process of fixing furniture seem simple and quick, the reality of the situation can actually become complicated. For example, if you have specific materials that require a special process to be fixed, or you are not able to remove the furniture, don’t hesitate to call a furniture restoration company.

Furniture Medic, one of the nation’s leading furniture restoration companies has years of experience in professional restoring many different types of furniture. From tables to chairs to nightstands, their professionals will have the upholstery looking like new in a timely manner. Contact your local provider to see what they can do for your furniture.

You can also contact ServiceMaster, a professional water damage restoration company that uses advanced products and equipment to restore all building materials and even personal contents. They will be able to work with Furniture Medic in the event that you need your property restored.