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Turn Down the Heat – Should You Have Your HVAC System Checked?

By Luke Armstrong

Halloween has passed, so now it’s time for the cold weather to settle in. What is your favorite indoor activity with family when the weather gets chilly? Do you watch old movies and laugh together? Maybe you prepare dinner and tell stories about growing up? Could you have a talented musician who plays the soundtrack for the evening while every listens or joins along in song? No matter the activity you select, you probably will incorporate central heating into the picture.

Duct CleaningIf your vent duct system is clogged, it can cause your HVAC system to work much harder and could potentially fail, just in time for the season’s first frost. It’s best to call in a professional to examine your system and offer HVAC cleaning services if the issue requires immediate attention. Here are three things to know about having your HVAC system inspected and cleaned, courtesy of The Home Depot:

1. An HVAC inspection will take into account of all working and non-working components to make sure none of them are deteriorating. Parts that show wear and tear will be replaced to protect you from facing larger-scale, more expensive problems down the road.

Here is a sample listing of the checks that should be performed:
• System controls checked
• Moving parts lubricated
• Condenser coil cleaned
• Gas and oil connections secured
• Electrical connections tightened
• Blower components adjusted

2. You will also reduce your energy usage when you have your HVAC system inspected. All the refrigerant levels will be inspected and each role player will be checked to make sure everything is running at optimal levels. This means lower utility bills with savings that can easily offset the cost of a maintenance check.

3. Your HVAC system is the most important factor in keeping your home comfortable. That’s why forgetting to have it serviced at least once a year can lead to huge problems. Getting a service check will help prevent your HVAC system from breaking down unexpectedly as well as keep it working as efficiently as possible.

Who can you recommend for HVAC duct cleaning services?

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