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Vent Cleaning Service Costs

By Luke Armstrong

Having the vents and duct work in your HVAC system professionally cleaned may extend the life of the system and improve the indoor air quality in your home. Over time, dust, debris, and mold can accumulate inside the air vents, causing health problems for individuals with allergies and asthma. The EPA suggests air vent cleaning if you or someone in your family experiences unexplained respiratory illness or allergy symptoms.Factors Affecting Cost of Vent Cleaning

Duct CleaningThe most important factor that affects the cost of a vent cleaning service is the size of your home. Vent cleaning for a home with two HVAC units will be more expensive than the same service for a home with a single HVAC unit.

Vent Cleaning Service Price Range

On average, vent duct cleaning for a moderately sized home with a single HVAC unit costs between $400 and $800. Vent cleaning service with two HVAC units will cost around $1000.

Optional Services

Some vent cleaning services offer an optional antimicrobial treatment. After they suction out the air vents, they will treat the entire duct system with an antimicrobial spray. This treatment is designed to kill mold spores that may be growing inside the vent ducts.

Avoid any vent cleaning service that offers you a significantly lower quote with optional charges for cleaning fans and coils. Unless the fans and coils are cleaned, they will simply blow dust back into the air vents. This is usually considered an integral part of the vent cleaning service, not an optional add-on.

Finding an air vent cleaning service that you can afford is simple when you use the directory at Read customer reviews to find the best vent cleaning service in your area and avoid unreliable or overpriced companies.