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Prepare for the Winter with These Furnace Maintenance Tips

By Luke Armstrong

With the winter season approaching, your furnace will soon be put to work, heating your home to provide you and your family with a comfortable, cozy environment to live in. Before the winter arrives and you start putting your furnace to heavy use, it is essential to check that it functions correctly. Otherwise, you’ll risk having a problem with the heating system and going without heat in your residence during the coldest months.

It is important to do routine maintenance on your furnace in the fall and clean it out to ensure its effectiveness. Use the following tips as a guide for furnace maintenance and cleaning so you can ensure that your furnace will provide you with heat throughout the winter.

Safety FirstGirl-Wearing-Winter-Sweater-and-Hat

When it comes to doing any type of maintenance around the house, your safety should always be prioritized. This is especially the case when conducting furnace maintenance.

Before you start to work on your furnace, make sure the furnace is off and isn’t leaking gas. If there is a gas leak, you need to have a professional address the problem right away. Keep your distance until the issue is resolved. If you smell rotten eggs, then this is an indication of a gas leak.

Inspect the Furnace

Filter System

A furnace’s filter system is one of its most important parts because it captures dirt and debris and prevents it from entering your home’s air. Knowing this, it is essential that you check and either clean or change the filter regularly to avoid problems. Changing your furnace filter is always recommended at the beginning of the winter.

Cleaning the filter system ensures that your home has the cleanest breathing air possible. If the furnace’s filter is clogged, then it cannot properly catch debris and prevent it from entering the air. Plus, if your furnace’s filter restricts airflow because of the buildup of debris, the furnace will need to overwork itself to perform its purpose. This can considerably raise your heating bills.

Remove Dust and Other Debris

Check the other parts of the furnace for any dust, dirt, and other debris. Like the filter system, dirty parts cannot function as effectively when covered in debris, so it is important that you take the time to clean them. Additionally, when you do this type of furnace cleaning, not only does it make your furnace more efficient, but it also reduces the risk of malfunctions. Your furnace will properly heat your home, saving you money on your heating bills and saving you the trouble and costs of repair work.

Among the parts you should inspect and clean are the blower, ducts, vents, and flame sensor. You must be gentle when cleaning the interior of your furnace, though, to prevent damaging any parts of it.

Clean Out the Furnace Interior

To clean the blower, use a damp cloth. To clean the furnace ducts, use a high-powered vacuum to suck up accumulated dust and debris. To clean the vents, use a soft-tip brush to remove the dust and dirt. To clean the flame sensor, wipe away the carbon buildup with an emery cloth or steel wool.

If upon cleaning the furnace’s interior you discover broken parts, make sure furnace repairs are conducted, too. Do not hesitate to call a professional to help with the internal cleaning, maintenance, or repairs of your furnace if you do not feel comfortable handling them yourself.

Check the Thermostat

In addition to inspecting your furnace, you also need to check that your thermostat works. If not, you may need to get it repaired or even replaced. Try it out and see if it is properly maintaining your desired temperature. If it isn’t working correctly, then you should get in touch with a professional to inspect your thermostat. There could be loose wiring, calibration issues, or dirt buildup causing problems.

Air Duct Cleaning Services
Professional air duct cleaning services can save both time and money when it comes to efficiently heating your home.

Hire Professional Help

Working with a furnace can be a dangerous task. You might not feel comfortable working on your own furnace because of this or your unfamiliarity with it. If this is the case, get in touch with a professional who can thoroughly inspect your furnace system before the winter. The money you pay for an inspection will be considerably less than what you would spend on repairs if the furnace malfunctions.

In addition to furnace maintenance, you should also have your home’s air ducts cleaned. Dirt, dust, and other debris can build up in the ducts, restricting airflow and putting stress on the component parts. This buildup can cost you more money on heating and cooling and bring debris into your breathing air.

Hiring a professional to provide air duct cleaning services can solve these issues. They have the knowledge, training, and equipment necessary to work on your home’s air ducts, ensuring they work effectively and efficiently.