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Easy Money-Saving Tips for Homeowners – 5 Things to Know About Air Ducts

By Luke Armstrong

It’s August…that means there are three things on the horizon: children will be back to school, leaves will begin to change color and allergy season will kick into overdrive.  If you are one of the millions that suffer from seasonal allergies, you can save money on medicines and frequent doctor visits by cleaning the air ducts in the location where you spend the majority of your time – the home.

Duct CleaningOK, what are air ducts and where can I find them?

Air ducts are components of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a building. If you have central air or central heat in your home, the conditioned air is being routed to various rooms courtesy of a number of air ducts. You can find these ducts connected to air vents in your ceilings, floors and walls.

How often should air ducts be cleaned?

The beginning of the allergy season (March/April/May) is ideal. This is usually the time when you will have your HVAC system serviced, as well. Removing any build-up, dirt and debris can also help to improve the flow of air in your home, allowing your system perform efficiently. This will prevent you from turning the heat up in the winter and blasting the air conditioner in the summer.

If you wait too long to clean your air ducts and mold is discovered in your system, you may want to check your roof and the pipes in your home for a leak. This can be very expensive to fix if not caught early.

Wouldn’t our air filters capture household and outdoor allergens?

Not always. HEPA air filters will keep allergens from being redistributed around your home. However, if these filters are not replaced regularly, they will not do their job effectively, which may begin to impact your health.

Should you clean your own ducts?

We would not recommend cleaning your own air ducts. Cleaning these components can release an excessive amount dust, debris, mold or allergens into the air, which will then settle all over your home. It is best to leave this specialized job to the experts.

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