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Easy Money-Saving Tips for Homeowners – 4 Reasons to Contact a Professional Carpet Cleaner

By Luke Armstrong

What is soft and durable, experiences lots of traffic each day and is often not replaced until it begins to wear away? It’s the carpet in your home, and it deserves your attention. Vacuuming daily and carpet freshener can only pick up surface dirt and mask smells for so long before you realize it’s time to replace the floor coverings.

Cleaning carpetIn today’s economy, however, most homeowners cannot afford to replace their carpet. Many homeowners that are trying desperately to sell their home may consider do-it-yourself carpet cleaning products and equipment, in an attempt to remove old stains, but this may not be the best option.

1. Many commercial stain removers actually make carpet stains worse or permanent.

2. If you use a shampooer incorrectly, you could damage your carpet fibers.

3. Not only will your carpet be shredded, the residue from the shampoo may hold dirt on top of your carpet. Of course, a ShopVac can remove some of the extra soap and water, but you will never get the same results as trained carpet cleaning professionals with commercial equipment.

4. If you are not able to remove all of the excess water and soap from the carpet, you may develop mold within your carpet, which will be inhaled by the members of your household and could begin to destroy the floor under the carpet.

OK, what should I look for in a residential or commercial carpet cleaner?

•    First, make sure the company uses a truck-powered system. These motorized systems are equipped with a heater to keep the water hotter than you can generate in your home.
•    The operators should be IICRC-certified and employed by the company you call, not contracted from other companies.
•    Ask for references before allowing a serviceperson into your home.
•    Request an exact and itemized estimate before the work is started, and be sure that the quote is in writing!

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