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Cleaning and restoration tips, Fire Damage Restoration

How to Remove Soot from Walls

You don’t need to experience a large fire in your home or business to have soot on the walls and ceiling. Fireplaces and candles can leave dark, smoky residue on the interiors of your rooms, and years of cigarette and cigar smoke can turn light colored walls dull and dingy. Restoring Soot and Smoke Damage Removing soot from an entire home will require professional help, but it’s easy to learn how to remove soot from walls in smaller cleaning situations. Cleaning soot from walls requires more than just wiping away the residue however; improper cleaning techniques can spread soot and make things look even worse. Follow these suggestions to learn how to clean soot from walls without causing further damage. As with any cleaning job, you’ll need the right tools to ensure you can get th...