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Expert in emergency fire and water restoration services, fire cleanup and water damage cleanup, mold removal, as well as commercial and residential cleaning services, including carpet, upholstery and furniture cleaning. Contributor to several restoration and cleaning blogs.

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How to Identify, Remove, and Prevent Mold In Carpet

As many of us are already aware, mold is a fungus that grows naturally in the environment and feeds off of organic substances such as trees, moss, and decomposing organisms. Unfortunately, your building materials also serve as a perfect host to give this unwelcome guest a home. Among these include wood, drywall, cement, particleboard, and …

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How to Clean and Restore Your Office Equipment After a Fire

Experiencing an office fire can be devastating for your business because of the vast destruction it can cause to your property and equipment.  Offices contain plenty of electronic equipment such as computers, phones, copy machines, fax machines, and others that can become damaged by fire, smoke, and soot.  Even if the fire was contained to …

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How to Clean Fire Damaged Jewelry

It can certainly be traumatic to discover that your precious jewelry has been severely damaged in a house fire. Even if they do not have high monetary value, some may have been passed down by generations, making them almost impossible to replace. However, the majority of these types of metals and stones have a considerably …

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Office Cleaning Tips to Prepare your Business for the Summer

Spring cleaning is not something that should only be done in your home, your office can also benefit from good cleaning before the summer arrives.  During the winter, many companies devote less time and effort to office cleaning which allows dirt, dust, and other debris to build up.  Now that the weather is improving, it …

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How to Look for Mold Before Buying a Home

house for sale

Looking for a new home is an exciting venture, especially if you are a first-time home buyer.  The feeling you get when you find the right home is amazing, but you must stop yourself from getting too excited until you give the home a thorough inspection.  One of the biggest issues you should check for …

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How to Repair Fire Damaged Clothing

Nothing can be scarier than experiencing a fire within your home. As you work with your insurance agent to have as many belongings and building materials replaced as possible, keep in mind that some items can be restored to their original conditions. Depending on the degree of damage and amount of time elapsed before treatment, …

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Fire Escape Planning in Apartment Buildings

While it may be simple to develop a fire escape plan for a house as it is usually not the size of a tall building. Apartment buildings on the other hand, can be more complex and will require detailed planning in order to ensure everyone’s safety. When planning for a fire in a large building, …

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Caring For Your Commercial Rubber Flooring

Flooring technology has made major strides in durability over the past few decades, but wear and tear still take their toll, especially in commercial buildings. That’s why it’s vital to take a few preventative measures and know how to clean rubber flooring to protect your investment and keep it looking great. Keep sidewalks, driveways and …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Maid Services

Thorough house cleaning requires time and effort and if you have a busy schedule, you may not have enough of either to adequately clean your home yourself.  Many homeowners in this position may consider professional house clean service to keep their homes consistently cleaned and maintained.  While a professional maid service can do wonders to …

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How to Remove Cooking Grease Stains from Protein Fire Damage

There’s nothing like having a home-cooked meal with your family and friends. Certainly, using the oven or stove provides healthier dinner options than the microwave, not to mention it tasting better. However, there are many risks associated with stove and oven cooking. If the cooking food is left alone at any point in time, there …

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