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Microwave Safety – What Not to Put in the Microwave

Following these tips will prevent microwave fires as well as protect your health and safety.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in the United States have microwaves? Because we are always on the go, we are not often left with much time to cook when we get home. Many Americans often work late nights and are simply too tired to cook a full meal. The fastest option …

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Fall Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

For many of us, fall simply can’t come soon enough. After enduring harsh summer temperatures and painful sunburns, we just want things to cool down and get the campfires going. But time will fly as we get busy with fun fall festivals, Halloween, pumpkin spice-everything, football games, and any other ways we can get outside …

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How to Prevent House Fires in the Fall

Many of us can agree that fall is a beautiful season as leaves change colors, temperatures cool down, and campfires burn in backyards. But these fun traditions also come with dangerous fire hazards, causing devastating property damage if one is not careful. The candles, burning leaves, and bonfires can quickly cause severe fire damage if …

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Pet Fire Safety Tips

According to the United States Fire Administration, about 500,000 pets are affected by home fires each year, with about 1,000 of them accidentally started by pets themselves. Due to the numerous sources that can contribute to this natural disaster, it is extremely important to realize the risks you are taking by leaving your pets at …

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What is Greywater Damage or Sullage?

When water damage occurs, you will want to hire a flood cleanup professional right away. But you’re your general knowledge, there are three different types. They will all depend on their source, whether they were caused by rain water, sink water, or sewage water, some forms will be exceedingly more dangerous than others. The first …

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Back to School Safety Checklist

So, it’s late August and the time has come for your little ones to pack their school bags and head to classes once again. As always, the start of the school year is certain to cause great excitement and apprehension for both the students and their parents – there are so many things to prepare, …

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How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of your Office

In today’s heavily industrialized world, people can rarely afford the luxury of breathing fresh forest or mountain air. A quick escape to nature is usually only possible on weekends and holidays but at all other times, it is the polluted environment of the big cities that we have to endure. However, even in urban centers, …

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Fire Prevention during the Holidays

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful.” And indeed, nothing can beat the playful flames in the fireplace when it comes to the charm and joy of the holiday season in your cozy home! The glowing embers seem to open a magical portal into a world of festivity, happiness, and …

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Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

We’ve all felt it. That slow temperature drop that comes every October. Drops in temperature means it is time for fall and winter home maintenance. Even though winter has yet to hit us, find out some winterizing tips for your home. Fall Home Maintenance Tips – Ceiling Fans – This is an old trick and …

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Hurricane Safety Checklist

Many people feel staying in and protecting their homes during a hurricane is the best idea. You have no control over weather, especially when it is as severe as a hurricane. Evacuate quickly and ensure that friends and neighbors follow suit. Hurricane safety is not to be taken lightly. To find more information about your …

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